Intercultural Training: Cultural Awareness Training

Intercultural Seminars

Laying the foundations for successful cross-cultural communication

Contemporary working conditions routinely bring together people from different cultural backgrounds – cultural diversity in teams and work groups has become part of everyday working life in most areas. This two-day basic intercultural training seminar focuses on raising participants’ awareness of their own cultural conditioning (Self Assessment) and the diversity of cultures. It uncovers habits and patterns of behaviour which are not immediately apparent, but are nevertheless disruptive to collaboration and communication, and presents strategies that can be employed to minimize these disruptions. The training promotes competences such as different communication styles or openness towards negotiation styles which are more person-oriented than task-oriented.

While the seminar is explicitly not focused on any particular country, it does offer the opportunity to examine selected examples from the participants’ own practical experience. The fostering of transcultural competence forms the basis for future-oriented, stable and effective international cooperation.


  • Self-reflection (Self Assessment)
  • Change of perspective
  • Cultural perception
  • Tolerance of ambiguity
  • Communication styles in an intercultural context
  • Consequences for leadership styles
  • Development of action strategies and guidelines for international cooperation

You will learn…

This training provides background knowledge and rules for intercultural communication situations. It will help you work out your own action strategies for international encounters and collaboration, e.g. for working with project or business partners or integrating foreign colleagues into your team.


This seminar / workshop features short theoretical inputs (cognitive level) as well as interactive simulations (experience level). Its aims lie in the successful practical application of the acquired knowledge (activity level).


This general intercultural training / cultural awareness training addresses all individuals, business enterprises and organisations who are active in international contexts. It is suitable, for example, for multinational companies with foreign branches, for companies working with foreign employees, multinational teams, impats and expats, foreign management or customers abroad. The training provides a basis for further training and coaching that focuses on specific countries and/or special thematic fields.


Duration: 2 days
Dates: by request
Location: Göttingen
Number of participants: max. 12
Trainer: Alexander Reeb (about the instructor)

Price: 1.180,- € plus VAT (1.404,20 € gross)

Beverages, snacks and seminar documents are included. The participants receive a certificate upon completing the seminar. as well as a handout of the seminar materials and post-training documentation.
We look forward to welcoming you on this training course.

Currently only available in German. For additional information please see our German homepage: Kulturallgemeines interkulturelles Training.

If you wish to book this course as an inhouse seminar, please use the contact form.


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