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Working and communicating successfully with Arab business partners

German businesspeople – as indeed Western businesspeople in general – often have difficulties in relating to Arab business culture, work and communication habits, and time management. “You have the clock, we have the time”, as an Arab proverb puts it. Many projects in Arab countries fail because of irreconcilable cultural differences, conflicts and misunderstandings, and many a foreign assignment remains unsuccessful or is terminated before completion. Obviously, cultural parameters play a crucial part in determinig who participates in the region’s economic development – for Arabs do business with people they trust.

If you are not planning a foreign assignment, but are nevertheless in regular contact with people from the Arab-Islamic cultural region, this seminar will equip you with the necessary cultural competence to prevent the notorious “clash of cultures”.


  • Introduction
  • Stereotypes
  • Cultural standards
  • The Arab cultural region: geography, daily life and customs, history
  • Cultural scripts
  • Gender roles
  • Business culture
  • Quotidien culture

You will be enabled to set your own cultural background in relation to the Arab cultural region. You will strengthen your intercultural competence and your reflective skills in order to benefit from the full potential of the cooperation. The information you receive in the workshop about Arab ways of thinking and acting will help you react appropriately in business and private situations and prevent misunderstandings.


This training features a variety of methods: group work, simulations, role-play, discussions and communication exercises. These practical activities are supplemented by short lectures that clarify theoretical background information and thus facilitate the structured approach to pertinent material. An extensive collection of books, films and other illustrative material is provided for self-study during breaks.

For further study, all handouts and materials used during the seminar are provided for each participant.


This seminar addresses participants whose professional activities require them to take on tasks in Arab countries and who have to establish contact with Arab (business) partners. At the same time, it is suitable for participants working with Arab team or business partners in Germany.


Duration: 2 days
Dates: by request
Location: Göttingen
Number of participants: max. 12
Trainer: Dr. Doris Lenhard (about the instructor)

Price: 1.180,- € plus VAT (1.404,20 € gross)

Beverages, snacks and seminar documents are included. The participants receive a certificate upon completing the seminar.
We look forward to welcoming you on this training course.

The training can be booked inhouse in English or German. For additional information please see our German homepage: Interkulturelles Training arabische Länder.

If you wish to book this course as an inhouse seminar, please use the contact form.


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