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Alexander Reeb, M.A.

Studied Cultural Anthropology, Law (with a focus on criminal law) and Economic and Social Psychology (international management), with an M.A. in Social Sciences.

Alexander Reeb worked at the Göttingen Institute of Intercultural Didactics (Institut für Interkulturelle Didaktik e.V.) from early 2001 to 2007 and specialises in the conception and implementation of intercultural education modules. He has been the CEO of IKUD® Seminare since 2006.

Research areas: Diversity Management, development of intercultural organizations, and intercultural education.

Alexander Reeb has been involved in the integration of Russian speaking academics through the Otto Benecke Foundation in Bonn. He has held an associate lectureship at the Institute for Communication Management at the Uninversity of Applied Sciences in Lingen. He is a member of SIETAR Deutschland e.V. (German Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) and a certified intercultural trainer.

Dr. Hanna Rochlitz

Dr. Hanna Rochlitz

Studied English and American literature and Musicology at Göttingen University. Ph.D. in Literary Studies (Kassel University). Work and research in the UK, France and the Netherlands. Has taught English Literature at Kassel University and does translation work (English-German).

Dr. Hanna Rochlitz developed an early interest in the encounters and interplay of different cultural and subcultural identities. A related field of tensions forms the subject of her Ph.D. thesis. As a Tai Chi instructor (DDQT) she actively engages with traditional Chinese arts and health practices, and with learning and teaching these in a European context.

At IKUD® Seminare, Hanna Rochlitz is the office coordinator and your contact person in matters of administration, organisation and advice about your choice of training.

Judith Reeb

Judith Reeb, M.A.

Studied Pedagogy (focus: adult education), Indology, and Comparative Studies at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz. Postgraduate studies in German as a Foreign Language. Several research trips to southeast and eastern Asia, especially India and Japan.

During her studies, Judith Reeb focused on intercultural communication and transculturalism. Her area of work includes the development of intercultural competence for the multinational management and country specific trainings for India.

Areas of expertise: Conception of intercultural trainings, intercultural encounters Germany/ India and Indian language, literature and culture.
Judith Reeb holds a qualification in intercultural mediation and is currently working on an Indian Studies dissertation project on a transcultural subject. She is a member of SIETAR Deutschland e.V. (German Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) and a certified intercultural trainer.

Rucha Ambekar M.A.

Rucha Ambekar M.A.

Studied at Pune University (India) and Kassel University (Germany): German as Foreign and Second Language (M.A.).

From 2005 – 2010 Rucha Ambekar worked as a translator and trainer at the Bosch Institute Of Cultures & Languages (BINOCULUS) at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, India. Her work allowed her to gain experience working with German personnel in Germany and India.

Following her Master’s degree in 2013 she was a research associate at Kassel University, working on the project InterKomFach (Intercultural Communications Training) as well as teaching.

Rucha Ambekar has been working as an Intercultural Trainer and consultant since 2013, specializing in country-specific training (India) and intercultural competence for international specialists and executive staff. She also offers trainings for the Education sector, specifically intercultural competence for international students, academic and administrative staff. Rucha Ambekar is a certified Intercultural Trainer (dgikt).


Christina Werum-Wang MBA, M.A.

Studied at the University of Bradford (UK) & NIMBAS Universiteit (NL): Business Administration & Management, Master of Business Administration MBA; Studied at Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen and Sichuan University in Chengdu, PR China: Chinese Studies, Empirical Culture Studies, linguistics, M.A. in Chinese Studies, certified intercultural trainer (dgikt).

Christina Werum-Wang looks back on over 20 years‘ experience in navigating the tensions of German-Chinese cooperation. Among other things, she worked in China as the managing director of the local manufacture of a German car industry supplier.

Today she engages with the challenges of intercultural management as an interim manager, management consultant and trainer.

Areas of activity: Conception and implementation of intercultural trainings, special subjects such as intercultural personnel management and development, sales and distribution, preparing and coaching individuals for and during foreign assignments. Working languages: German, English, Mandarin.

Frank Bannys

Frank Bannys, Dipl.-Kaufmann (business school graduate)

Studied Business Economics at the Universities of Mannheim and Swansea (UK).
Certified coach and intercultural trainer.

Consultant, trainer and coach specialising in international management and team development as well as intercultural project and change management since 2009. More than 20 years‘ management experience in Germany and abroad working for a Munich-based business group as division head, CEO of subsidiaries in the USA and Canada, division controller and manager of acquisition, integration and restructuring projects of subsidiaries in Germany, the USA, Canada and Greece.

Frank Bannys has lived and worked in the USA, Canada, Greece, the UK and Sweden for a total of 8 years. In addition his work has taken and still regularly takes him to Singapore, Bulgaria, Mexico, Egypt, South Africa, Australia, Myanmar and Spain. He speaks German, English and Spanish and has some basic knowledge of French and Swedish. He is the author of a book on intercultural management (Interkulturelles Management – Konzepte und Werkzeuge für die Praxis, Wiley-Verlag 2012) and lecturer in intercultural management at Munich Business School and the Duale Hochschule in Mannheim.

Gudrun Höhne

Gudrun Höhne, Dipl.-Kauffrau (FH) (business school graduate)

Studied European Business Administration at FH für Wirtschaft Berlin (Berlin School of Economics) and Anglia Polytechnic University (Cambridge, UK). Many years‘ experience abroad in France and Great Britain.

Sensitised to cultural differences at an early time, Gudrun Höhne produced a diploma thesis on the socio-cultural influencing factors on management conception of business enterprises in Europe.

Gudrun Höhne looks back on many years‘ experience in international business, with a great part of this time spent working in multinational virtual teams in US American ICT enterprises.

She has been working as a coach and trainer for intercultural teams, specialising in multinational virtual teams, since 2010.

Dr. Doris Lenhard

Dr. Doris Lenhard

Dr. Doris Lenhard holds a doctorate in Cultural and Religious Studies from the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt (Jewish, Arab, Islamic and Oriental Studies, Linguistics). DAAD-scholarship in Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories. Trained as language and culture coach in Lebanon and Egypt.

Dr. Doris Lenhard spent six years living and working as a language and culture coach in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. She is a consultant to the network World Language Acquisition Centers intl. and designed an Arabic language course in cooperation with the Professional Training Institute in Al Ain, UAE. She was active in two development aid projects in Lebanon and has personally experienced civil war, crisis situations and terrorist attacks. In the field of adult education she has been teaching on the subjects of interculturality and interreligious dialogue for many years.

The focus of her work lies on designing intercultural trainings for the Arab-Islamic cultural region as well as on the integration and intercultural education of Muslim immigrants. Parallel to her own activities she accompanied her husband, an internationally active engineer, on his foreign assignments, together with their three children. She is therefore able to bring authentic experience to her trainings when it comes to discussing the challenges faced by partners and children in foreign assignment situations.

Monika Stahl

Monika Stahl, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) (diploma industrial engineering and management)

Studied industrial engineering and management (specialising in mechanical engineering) at Fachhochschule München.

More than 18 years of experience in several positions at a Munich-based enterprise; responsible for international sales and tender projects as well as the implementation of various international customer projects.

Monika Stahl spent four years living and working in the USA and over two years in Dubai. Her project work also took her to Australia, Egypt, India, Canada, Russia, Brazil and Mexico, where she gained her varied intercultural experience working closely with local partners.

She has been working as an intercultural trainer and consultant since 2012. Her academic lecturing activities include teaching Intercultural Management at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim and Project Management at Passau University. From the summer of 2016 to the summer of 2017 she worked in the UK as interim manager of an international team.

Her main areas of expertise are the conception and implementation of intercultural trainings for managers, project teams and personnel in positions of international responsibility. Monika Stahl is a certified intercultural trainer (dgikt).

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