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Communicating successfully with Japanese partners

Japan, the widespread and now partially waning China euphoria notwithstanding, is an important partner from the Far East for Germany and Europe. This applies not only to trade relations, but increasingly to scientific and technological exchange on the high-tech level, as for example in collaboration projects on the International Space Station ISS.

Japan offers political stability, legal security, and public security at a level which exceeds most European countries.

One new development is that even large European and Japanese companies are forced to enter into closer cooperation. Japan’s globalisation thus proceeds apace. At the same time, increasing numbers of employees in Germany are hired by Japanese companies.

The Japanese economic and social systems are considered closed-off and difficult. Nevertheless, it is possible, with acknowledgement and observance of a few communication rules and cultural values, to identify and avoid typical problems which arise when working with Japanese people, or when establishing contacts within Japan. Communication will run more smoothly and lead to quicker results.

This seminar also adresses Japanese companies and their employees in German-speaking countries, who are looking for a well-founded introduction to Japan’s cultural aspects.

Main aims of the seminar:

  • To increase awareness about cultural differences between Germany and Japan;
  • To develop differentiated and innovative strategies for action that take the specific needs of both sides into account.

Contents of the seminar:

  • Introduction lecture (cultural concepts, stereotypes and how stereotypes are formed, intercultural competencies and training methods);
  • Survey and analysis of Japan-related Critical Incidents;
  • Conflict theories and conflict management strategies;
  • Methods of cultural exploration (these help to gain structured information about any particular foreign culture and to identify possible conflicts);
  • Exercises and simulations that enable cultural self-reflection as well as cultural self-awareness and awareness of others;
  • Presentation of cultural orientation and cultural scipts in Japan;
  • Development of strategies for action in various contexts.


This two-day seminar addresses participants whose professional activities require taking on tasks in Japan and who have to establish contact with Japanese partners. At the same time, it is suitable for businesspeople working with Japanese team or business partners in Germany.


Duration: 2 days
Dates: by request
Location: Göttingen
Number of participants: max. 12

Price: 1.180,- € plus VAT (1.404,20 € gross)

Beverages, snacks and seminar documents are included. The participants receive a certificate upon completing the seminar.
We look forward to welcoming you on this training course.

For additional information please see our German homepage: Interkulturelles Training Japan.

If you wish to book this course as an inhouse seminar, please use the contact form.

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