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Intercultural Training Russia

Many business endeavours in Russia fail due to a lack of mutual understanding. German managers frequently shake their heads over the Russian market that seems irrational to them. Accordingly, they often overlook the fact that recognising the reasons for “typical Russian” behaviour leads to better cooperation. This seminar will help you understand the Russians and their way of thinking. It prepares you for business trips to Russia and provides the foundation for a successful cooperation with Russian guests, colleagues, and business partners.



  • Intercultural communication and competence

Russia – the country with the world’s largest geographical extension

  • Overview and internal differentiation, Russia as a multinational empire, city and countryside

Russia and Germany

  • How do the Russians see themselves, how do they see us and how do we see them? (self-perception and perception of others, stereotyping)
  • Historical-political and philosophical-cultural encounters
  • Cultural dimensions and cultural standards

Ways of thinking and acting

  • Patriotism, love for the own country, ethnocentrism
  • Individualism and collectivism
  • Religion and language

Doing business in Russia

  • Business etiquette: politeness, style, respect
  • Conception of time and quality
  • Power and control: authority and friendship
  • Praise and criticism
  • Negotiation tactics and presents
  • Business lunches: anecdotes, vodka, and humour
  • Everyday culture
  • Private contacts: etiquette, small talk, patterns of conduct and behaviour
  • Bureaucracy

You will learn…

…to interact in an appropriate manner with Russian (business) partners. This will prepare you for future encounters and communication situations. By imparting background knowledge about Russia, this seminar enables you to act competently and considerately and to establish successful business relations.
You will be enabled to set your own cultural background in relation to Russia while paying due consideration to the needs of both sides. You will also strengthen your intercultural competence and your reflective skills in order to benefit from the full potential of the cooperation. The information about Russian ways of thinking and acting you receive in the workshop will help you to react appropriately in business and private situations and to prevent misunderstandings.


Case studies, group work, role plays, communication exercises and discussions promote active learning, while short lectures provide information about the theoretical background. During the breaks, a selection of relevant literature will be available for self-study.


This two-day seminar addresses participants whose professional activities require taking on tasks in Russia and who have to establish contact with Russian partners. At the same time, it is suitable for businesspeople working with Russian team or business partners.


Duration: 2 days
Dates: by request
Location: Göttingen
Number of participants: max. 12
Trainer: N.n.

Price: 1.180,- € plus VAT (1.404,20 € gross)

Beverages, snacks and seminar documents are included. The participants receive a certificate upon completing the seminar.
We look forward to welcoming you on this training course.

Currently only available in German. For additional information please see our German homepage: Interkulturelles Training Russland.

If you wish to book this course as an inhouse seminar, please use the contact form.

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